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MESSAGES of ROYALE Business Club anniversary last MAY 29, 2011 from Philippine Star.

Benigno S. Aquino lll - President of the republic of the Philippines

-My warmest greetings to the Royale Business Club International, Inc., as you celebrate your 5th anniversary.

We are thankful to RBCll for encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of our countrymen through the various income - generating opportunities made available by your corporation. All these complement your effort to alleviate poverty and spur economic growth, which from part of social contract with Filipino people. As we work toward the realization of the aims of our Private - Public Partnership program, we will continue to support our businesses and industries and empower them to become proactive players in our mission to revitalize our country and fulfill our potential as a great nation.

We are now in this era of daylight, a time that heralds the beginning of peace, stability, and prosperity for our people. As we right a new chapter in our nation's history, it is important that each of us become an agent of hope and progress. Let us work together and stay on the straight and righteous path to equitable progress.

Jejomar C. Binay - Vice-President of the Republic of Philippines

-Warm greetings and congratulations to the Royale Business Club International Icp. As you celebrate your 5th anniversary.

Reaching this milestone is a wonderful blessing, such a feat could only be achieved by those who are determined to attain greatness and to provide the best service to their customers.

Royale offers a significant contribution to nation - building. By providing employment opportunities to Filipinos, the company empowers families to achieve and enjoy a better life and helps the country's economy grow further.

It is hope that you will continue to aim for and work towards a brighter future for your company. I likewise hope you will continue to provide genuine service to your customer. The success of Royale Business Club International Inc. is the victory of small entrepreneurs and the industry as well.

Mabuhay tayong lahat !