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Our Story

Royale Business Club International, Incorporated is a 100% Filipino owned corporation that was established in 2006. Its primary objective is to provide high quality health and wellness products, micro-franchise and food cart business in the Philippines to entrepreneurs who are searching for a profitable business and a reliable company.
It has become more than a business; living up to its philosophy “helping people is our way of life”, Royale Business Club is making life changing impact to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. It has expanded its operations from its base in Quezon City to all the key cities of the Philippines as well as overseas.
Now on its fifth year of operation, the company’s continuing drive for excellence in all the facets of its operation is a resounding statement that a Filipino owned corporation can be at par, if not better, with foreign-owned corporations. Royale Business Club is truly a world class company!


We aspire to set the trend in outstanding consumer service to achieve global competitiveness and we are dedicated to the delivery of top quality products and business opportunities utilizing internationally accepted technology, facilities and systems.


To be globally recognized provider of top quality products, services and business opportunities by adhering to the highest standards of excellence.

Our Philosophy

"Helping People is Our Way of Life…"

Core Values

A company worthy of trust; remains true to its purpose of providing optimum opportunity to all
Fair, truthful and morally upright
Offers opportunity without prejudice and upholds the rights of all those under its sphere
Adaptive to transitions yet maintains focus on its defined goals and corporate directions
Steadfastly adheres to high moral principles and indisputable professional standards
Consistently advocates truthfulness and authenticity
Respectful towards personalities, entities and other corporeal institutions; accords due reverence and gratitude towards God Almighty

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This website is a re-creation and modified version of the official website of Royale Business Club, created solely for the purpose of my fellow members, all my Royale Business Associates & their clients vital information concerning the merits of Royale Business Club, its products, income potentials and such other information.  All the materials published herein are properties of Royale Business Club and extracted from their official website.  Should the company believes that this is an infringement or should any person published herein wishes to maintain their privacy, please don't hesitate to message me and I will immediately remove them from my website. Thank you & I seek your apology and understanding on this matter.

 "I don't intend to use this site for my own personal gain. I've created this site as a reference for my members, my future members, and the royale business club members. the information and topic discussed from this site is just a 1 out of the 8 ways, where you can boost your income and some of the areas that our company offers are discussed on the Royale Orientation, so it is important to contact the person included on the fliers."